How Can You Help?

How Can You Help

How Can You Help

All members of FASO are volunteers. There are no premises or paid staff.

The cost of the national FASO Helpline, publishing and distributing bulletins, newsletters and leaflets, correspondence with prisoners, development of a professional database and website and other overheads are met through grants, donations and subscriptions.

To support the work FASO is doing and to create improved services for anyone who is falsely accused you are strongly encouraged to apply for FASO Membership. Benefits will include the occasional bulletin and/or newsletter, and you can receive training and support as a Helpline volunteer, plus full voting rights at the annual meeting.

Alternatively you may prefer to support FASO as a Friend. There is no annual subscription for Friends, but a donation will be an effective and vital aid in our work supporting the falsely accused and their families, friends and associates towards ending their tragedy.

Applications from organisations, associations, and other bodies can be made separately by writing to the Secretary.