These are poems written by ordinary people coping with professional abuse by the authorities, because of false allegations.

Ode to an Innocent Man

Copyright J. Parkhouse

The walls are high and you’re inside; the doors are locked and barred
But do not fear confinement, take strength and don’t grow hard
For all the lies can’t keep you, from those that love you most
And when your term is over, the past will be a ghost
For you can sleep, your conscience clear and they will bear the guilt
And if they don’t they’ll rot in hell for the case that their lies built
Take heart in your own innocence, you know the man you are
Let no one tell you otherwise, your conscience clear by far
For lies breed guilt and they can’t hide, it’s with them all the time
Although they think they’ve won for now, they know they’ve done the crime
For one day you will show the world and you will clear your name
Then everyone will look at them as they bow their heads in shame
So next time someone tells you to talk about your crime
The answer that you’ll give them is “this crime is theirs not mine”

The Falsely Accused

By a young prisoner

While your family at Christmas rejoices
And revels at presents unwrapped,
Lend an ear to the hundreds of voices
Of the innocents who have been trapped,
Spare a thought for the wrongly convicted
Spare a thought for the falsely accused,
On whom so much pain is inflicted
Tormented, bewildered, confused.
While your laughing and partying gaily,
While you watch the good season unfold,
Say a prayer for those who pay daily
In pain for the lies that were told.
All the great legal safeguards have missed ’em,
All the justice for which Law was built
Is destroyed in the hands of the system
That works from presumption to guilt.
In vain can you hope for fair trial
And hopelessly innocence state,
They’ll just tell you that you’re in “denial”
And use that to fuel their hate.
It won’t matter how good your proof is,
They’ll accuse you of motives occult;
They don’t want to know what the truth is,
They’ll plump for the cushy ‘result’.
If you will not believe what I’m saying,
And you have to have proof that it’s true,
Then you give me good reason for praying
That the same thing will happen to you.
If you think that I’m anguished and bitter,
And my tale has left you confused,
Just pause for a while, and consider
The plight of the falsely accused.

From a Prison Cell

Older prisoner (2001)

Is this the place where spirit dies?
Where we are sent because of lies?
Oh! Who can i my troublles tell?
The other inmates here in hell.
Tell me now for I must know,
Is it only God, who loves us so?
Your family are the ones who care.
‘yours’ the shame they have to bear.
The ‘friends’ you had don’t want to know
their answer is “he’s inside -” so!!!?
Answer now for it’s a must.
“Is it only God I can trust?”
Your dignity and all your pride
forget them, when you come inside.
The family that you love so well
are going through a far worse hell.
Tell me now, for i must know
Is there a God who loves us so?
Your ‘time inside’ will soon be done.
Reunion with your loved ones come
Make up for all the time’s you’ve lost
But don’t forget the greatest cost.
While you’ve been resting here inside
God’s been standing at your side.
The answer now it is a must
God and your family you can trust.